Hoisin Glazed Quinoa Lettuce Cups

If you’ve tried quinoa and can’t quite get with the hype, or have a quinoa hater in the house, you need to try this recipe! It will appease even the most reluctant palate. In fact, the first time I cooked this I did not cook enough for the husband (who is anti-all things vegetarian) and in addition to getting his feelings hurt, he insisted he get to try it the next time since it smelled so good…he loved it and requested I cook more next time!!

The recipe:

4-5 cups previously cooked organic quinoa, tricolor or white
3/4 cup chopped chives
2 tbsp. Hoisin sauce, plus another 2-3 tbsp reserved
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tbsp bread crumbs
Slap Ya Mama (SYM) and salt-n-pepper to taste.

1 head bib lettuce
1-2 cups shredded carrots, soaking in white balsamic vinegar

The how-tos:

*First, put carrots to soak in vinegar, if you can’t find white balsamic, white vinegar will do.
Place in air tight container in fridge.
*Second, mix quinoa, chives, 2 tbsp Hoisin, SYM and salt-n-pepper. Before adding egg and bread crumbs, pinch a little off and taste it. Add more seasonings if needed, then egg and bread crumbs.
*Refrigerate at least an hour, can go as long as a couple days if you need to make in advance.

When ready to assemble:

*Stir-fry quinoa mixture in large nonstick pan. Once heated through, add 2-3 tbsp Hoisin to pan, stir to incorporate then, let the sauce caramelize, don’t stir for a few minutes. Once the quinoa is heated through and has a little bit of a toasty color, turn off the burner, move the pan aside.
*With the bib lettuce, create a bed of lettuce. You can set this up as individual servings or in a large dish for a party.
*Drain the carrots. Set aside.
*Scoop the quinoa onto the lettuce and then top the quinoa with drained carrots.
*Drizzle Hoisin sauce lightly across the whole dish, optional.
*Serve. We eat these almost as wraps, wrapping the lettuce around the quinoa.

Enjoy this with your family quinoa hater…they’ll love it!

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