Share your body positive story

When I started this blog last year, I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go. So, as a result, it has taken on many different forms from poetry to recipes to philosophical essays on body image and eating disorders. One thing I did not want to do was turn my blog into the “Me show”; however, with my last few posts, it seems it has turned into just that.

It is really cathartic to write about my experiences as a woman and mother, to discuss where I’ve been and where I’d like to go, and I got swept up in that. Additionally, I realize that this process could be beneficial to other women who have had similar and not so similar journeys. There is something really liberating about putting yourself out there.

If any of you guys want to share your body positive journey and how you’ve become or accepted your true self or even how you continue to be a work in progress. Please drop me a line here or on Facebook. And, please know that anonymity, if it is desired is okay, and I would not post any portion of your story without first getting your approval.

I enjoy telling my own story, but now I would like to tell the stories of others.

Thank you for reading,

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